Over 6L square foot warehouse space across the country managed using state of the art warehouse management software. 

We understand your changing storage requirements. We thus provide Flexi warehousing services, enabling you to easily scale operations in peak seasons and to reduce fixed costs during off-seasons.

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Our strategically located warehouses across the country in key locations ensures
flexibility and scalability.


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In-house WMS

In-house WMS

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Flexi Warehousing

We provide efficient and competent Full-Truck Load (FTL) freight transport services, whether it's full container transport management, cross-dock, or whether you have a full truckload of products that are palletized or loose for re-delivery. We are dedicated to providing our customers with end-to-end, one-stop-shop quality of service.

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WMS - Warehouse Management System

For high-speed delivery of goods and services in a fast-paced environment. Surface express distribution has developed as an important and rapidly expanding part of the logistics industry. Navata SCS provides a comprehensive variety of fast distribution services for small and mid-sized companies, giving you the freedom to select the services that best suit your needs. Navata SCS provide customised value-added services, such as dynamic routes, to fit the needs of customers. Our services are unparalleled in the industry due to our significant penetration into rural regions.

Manage your warehouse

Businesses in the B2B, B2C, and D2C sectors all face the challenge of providing a flawless last mile service. With Navata SCS, you can plan and automate your last-mile delivery operation. We're your one-stop solution for delivery tracking, route optimization, dispatching, and payments, among other things!


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